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Didi Kidder, LCSW

I have worked in the field of addiction for ten years. Addiction has origins with many varying factors, such as depression, mania, or bipolar. In addition, addiction could also come from something as simple as the first drink or drug. I believe that no two treatment episodes are the same, and that sustained recovery is possible. I also have experience and certification in EMDR, and apply this technique to assist clients who are suffering from the differing impacts of PTSD regain full lives.

I lean heavily on cognitive therapy which provides my clients tools that they can use daily to overcome difficult situations which may arise from their varying symptoms. I also use EMDR for PTSD or crisis management.

I have extensive work with dual diagnosis patients, & commit to working fully with treating & managing all facets of a person's symptom manifestation with addiction & mental illness. I also work to assist patients in mid-life and beyond development stages with managing transitions associated with the second half of life.