Didi Is Here To Help!


As Dallas's all-in-one location for addiction recovery services, tailored to patients from every walk of life. If given free reign to wreak havoc, addiction destroys families, friendships, finances, and hope for the future. It must not be allowed to continue. Didi is devoted above all to helping you or your loved one achieve the better life they deserve, free from the bonds of substance and habitual slavery.

Group Therapy for Families of Those Struggling with Addiction

When your loved ones come home from treatment for their addiction, it is difficult to know where to begin on helping them. Didi facilitates a group to assist families with managing the stressors of bringing a loved one in recovery home.


EMDR is a recognized treatment modality for PTSD. PTSD can be characterized by events many forms, including war, loss, and other forms of trauma. To perform EMDR, you must be accredited. Didi completed EMDR training in 2014, and utilizes this technique to help her patients effectively manage the effects of their PTSD.